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Author:  James Gunn    Date: April 20, 2015

Fat Tire Bike Bicycling is Fun and Healthy

Would you rather be fat or own a fat tire bike? Because, maybe you can’t do both!

Anyone paying attention to the bicycle industry knows that over the last 2 to 3 years fat tire snow bikes and beach bikes have taken the bicycle industry by storm.  Weather trekking through deep snow on a fat tire mountain bike or cruising the tide lines along the sand on your favorite beach on your fat tire beach bike, fat tire biking is a lot of fun.  But, according to Men’s Health it is also very health, burning as many as 1,500 calories per hour (  So, not only is the ride more fun, going places where one could not previously go on a bike, but it turns out to be a high calorie burning activity that will keep you fit.

Fat tire bikes might be all the rage in an industry that moves at a glacial pace in innovation.  But, the fat tire bike might not yet be ready to take over the mountain bike market segment or so says Popular Mechanics, warning of the typical fat tire bike’s added weight might make the fat tire bike a bad fit for some. (

No one is saying the fat tire bike will take the mountain bike or beach cruiser’s seat, squeezing out the other two.  Fat tire bikes are here to stay because they offer a different experience.  So, if you have not tried a fat tire bike yet, you should.  You might just enjoy it and burn extra calories while you do.

Author:  James Gunn    Date: June 20, 2014

Sometimes One Man’s Trash is Just One Man’s Trash

Let’s prattle about a “pig in a poke” or “something for nothing” or just a plain old bad deal…

Being the oldest Surrey bicycle company in the United States, International Surrey Company is the “go to” company for Surrey bike replacement parts on Surrey cycles we sold and A LOT of Surreys we did not sell.

One of the things that really puts a damper on our day is an excited consumer calling about their latest purchase at the local garage sale, flea market or local bike rental, only to find out that there just is not much to be excited about when it comes to what they actually bought.  As that formerly jubilant customer quickly learns, all that glitters is not gold, and all Surreys may not roll.  A $500 used Surrey cycle may need a $200 Surrey wheel if they want to ride.  That’s right!  Replacement parts for an old Surrey can be expensive.  A Surrey bike wheel might last 15 years.  You just don’t want to buy the Surrey in the 16th year.  What’s worse, is that some Surreys are so old that there are no replacement parts to be had!  At any cost!  We hate to hear an excited voice go from the mountain high to the valley low in a matter of a few seconds.

So, if you are in the market for an inexpensive Surrey, whether new from China off the internet or used from the local area, don’t find out the hard way, a $1,000 Surrey bike is a very expensive yard ornament… make sure you know what you are getting and what you might need to invest to make one man’ s Surrey a safe and fun treasure for your family and friends.

Author:  JJ Rider    Date: February 26, 2014

Get More Out of Your Life… Cycle

We all know we are supposed to get at least thirty minutes of exercise a day but most of us remain glued to the television set.  Why is that? Well one reason is that, at least in front of the tube, the scenery changes.  Who can really blame us for not wanting to go stare…at the same spot…on the wall…at the gym…for any amount of time…EVERY DAY!?!

But, while things may look different from your couch, you never will.    This is where cycling comes in.  Cycling, especially a Surrey bike, can lead to a longer, fuller life with low risk of boredom.  The scenery always changes from the seat of your Surrey bike.  When our childhood dream of owning a Surrey bike gave way to our fascination with cars, not just exercise was lost.  You may see life as it passes you by now behind the wheel of your car or as a spectator on your couch but you do not experience it.

See. Feel. Hear. Smell. Touch.   It’s time to come to your senses and cycle, whether a fat tire beach cruiser or Surrey cycle.

OR, ride your car to the gym (which makes perfect sense)…..and stare at the wall…until you decide to stay home and stare at the tube instead.  You decide.

Author:  James Gunn    Date: February 11, 2014

Tires and Inner Tubes for Surrey Cycles and Bicycles Aren’t Created Equal

Let’s prattle about tires and tubes. People notice, or more often frequently are confused by, the sizes of tires and inner tubes for Surrey and two wheel bicycles, and how they relate to each other.  Well, they really do not relate to each other.  Typically, Surreys will use moped/motorcycle style tires and tubes while bicycles use, well, bicycle tires and tubes.

Saying that Surreys use moped/motorcycle style tires and tubes means a couple of things.  First, Surrey tires are typical 4 to 6 ply, which means they are thicker.  They are made of more rubber.  A typical bicycle tire is 2 ply, which means they will puncture more easily and they wear out more quickly.  Second, Surrey tires are measured differently than bicycle tires.  The measurements can be confusing if you mix them up… So, don’t!

A bicycle tire has a format that will look something like 20″ x 2.125″.  The first measurement is the diameter.  The second measurement is the width.  Inner tubes use the same format.  Surreys tires and tubes use the same format also.  However, there is a major difference.  Surrey tires and tubes measure the outside diameter of the rim.  Bicycle ties and tubes measure the outside diameter of the tire.

This is why sometimes an old Surrey, that has been incorrectly repaired, will have a 20 inch bike tire on the front wheel, even though a Surrey uses an 16 inch front tire (moped).  So, yes a 20 inch BMX tire will mount on to the front wheel of a Surrey. The rim has a 16 inch diameter.  The tire has a 20 inch diameter.  But, so does a Surrey tire.  Confused yet?

The confusion never arises on the rear wheels of Surreys.  The rear wheel of a Surrey requires an 18 x 2.50.  The back wheel would require a very wide bicycle tire approximately 22 inches in diameter.  Good luck finding one of those… Just call International Surrey Company and order the 16 inch and 18 inch tires and inner tubes that the Surreys are designed to be run on and keep your measuring tape in your tool box!

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