Surrey Cycles, Four Wheel Bikes, Beach Cruisers & Electric Assist Bikes and Trikes

International Surrey Company offers a wide range of cycling products to enhance your existing business or enjoy in your neighborhood, including our four wheel bikes — Surreys.  Our Deluxe and Italian Surrey bikes comprise over 90% of the Surrey cycles used in the rental market in the United States.  Our Classic models are our less robust models of the four wheel bikes, a less expensive Surrey bike that is design for less frequent use in a residential setting.

International Surrey Company holds more patents for Surrey cycles and other four wheel bikes than all other companies worldwide combined.  Our latest invention is our electric pedal assist for Surrey bikes, the Hitch Hiker, is patent pending and moves the Surrey cycle experience forward a quantum leap.  For over a decade, we have offered the Easy 7 Speed Gearing Package on our Deluxe models, the only true gearing system for any Surrey bike  in the world.

In addition to Surrey bikes, we offer recumbent cycles such as the Impello, EZ Rider and Road Runner models.  These models are work as well on the rental fleet as they do at home.  These models utilize comfortable seating at a recumbent position to provide a great cycling advantage.

Also available, are our electric hybrid products, the EZ Rider, the Volt and any Surrey bike with the added Hitch Hiker.  The EZ Rider is perfect for city commuting and a vehicle for exercise for older riders that might want a little extra assistance to get home or up inclines in the riding area.

Check back our on website frequently as we continue to innovate and commit ourselves to offer Cycles That Move You™.

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Need help making a decision between our different Surrey cycle makes and models?  Click the chart below.

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Use the table below to compare and contrast the three models of four wheel bikes offered by International Surrey Companyfour wheel bikes, surrey cycle, 4 wheel bike, ciclofan, wheel fun rentals, disney surrey bike


Look for the Surrey Company Certified symbol for models that we recommend for the commercial, rental business and frequent use.

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