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Surrey Quadricycle, the well-renowned Sirenetta, Delfino & Grande Delfino, offered by the Surrey Company

International Surrey Company distributes every fine quadricycle made around the world including the hand-made, Italian Sirenetta, Delfino and Grande Delfino quadricycles.  These world-class four wheel Surrey cCertifiedycle products are offered at the best prices ever!  The Italian made models together with the Deluxe models comprise more than 90% of the Surrey bikes rented in the United States.


At home, any of these models will last for decades when properly cared for and maintained.  Although not available with the Easy 7 Speed Gearing System, these models will accept the new electric, pedal assist Hitch Hiker.  Also, most of the other available accessories easily integrate onto the Sirenetta, Delfino and Grande Delfino.

All of our Italian-made Sirenetta, Delfino and Grande Delfino surrey bike quadricycles come standard  with:

  • Polyurethane foam molded seats
  • Stainless steel fenders and panels
  • Stainless steel components such as bumper, chainguards, brake arm  and awning posts
  • LED head and tail lamps
  • Aluminum alloy floorboard
  • Four wheel drum brakes and mag wheels
  • Plasticized paint for durability in most environments
  • Padded childseat with safety strap
  • Dual steering wheels (right side inoperable)
  • Sealed bearing cranks and hubs
  • Gusseted, reinforced steel frame
  • And many more industry standard features!

Technical information per manufacturer

Length 184 cm

Width 116 cm

 Height 177 cm

 Weight 106 Kg

When ordering your Sirenetta, Delfino or Grande Delfino Surrey bike, take a look at all the options and accessories.  Adding items like LED battery powered head lamps, LED pedals, a stereo speaker for your digital music device, Surrey bike storage basket and others really makes your Surrey cycle suited exactly for you.  You are able to purchase each accessory you want or pick one of our Accessory Value Packages that bundles the most popular options and offer a nice discount.

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electic assist icon

Red Sirenetta

Red Sirenetta

Buy Icon$3,495.00


Green Delfino with new mags and childseat

Green Delfino with new mags and childseat

Buy Icon$4,495.00


Blue Grande Delfino

Blue Grande Delfino

Buy Icon$5,495.00

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Please note that these models are no longer available with spoked wheels and yellow strapped childseats.  Photographs are provided for illustrative purposes only.  The actual product might vary.

* All photos, descriptions, weights and dimensions are for illustrative purposes only.  Actual product design and specifications change over time.

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