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Impello Recumbent Trike

The People Powered Vehicle – Impell0

The Impello ™, a three wheel recumbent trike, steps outside the bounds of the leisure cycle, rental business and into alternative transportation.  This model is a “green” alternative for short trips around town previously reserved for the family car.  The Impello ™ is a reintroduction of popular concept, the PPV (People Powered Vehicle) with many vast improvements.  The cycling comfort and advantage of the Impello trike is similar to many recumbent cycles on the market, lower center of gravity cycling in a laid back position and comfortable seating.  This recumbent trike for two pedalers is truly a different experience than any other similar people powered vehicles on the market.

The Impello is also a wonderful addition to any new or existing rental fleet.  The long-lasting plastic bodies are light-weight and durable.  This people powered vehicle trike can also be stored on its back taking up vertical storage space instead of floor storage space.  Another benefit of this model in a rental fleet is the relatively simple drive train and mechanical systems, which means less maintenance.

The Impello includes:

  • a newly designed steel chassis
  • Three (3) Speed Gearing Package
  • differential rear alloy steel axle
  • dual adjustable seating
  • disc brake
  • aluminum alloy rims and hubs
  • stainless steel spokes
  • dual drinkholders andCertified
  • light-weight UV protected polyethylene and ABS components.

The Impello will have other options available in the future including a sporty styled awning and electric pedal-assist.  Also, additional color options will be available in the future.



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125 lbs
39 inches
46 inches
75 inches

* All photos, descriptions, weights and dimensions are for illustrative purposes only.  Actual product design and specifications change over time.

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