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Surrey Deluxe™, our proprietorially designed Surrey Bike

International Surrey Company’s four wheel Surrey bikes are widely recognized in the bicycle industry as the world-wide leader.  When new components and technology become available in the bicycle industry, we immediately evaluate their possible application to the finest Surrey bike in the world through the prism of our experience. The newest Surrey Deluxe™, the 2 person, 4 person and 6 person Surrey bike, was designed with an appreciation of our past and an eye to the future.  The result is the Surrey Deluxe™, unique in its design and style with no equal.

The Surrey Deluxe™, reminiscent of early automobiles at the beginning of the 20th century, has been a staple in the leisure cycle and rental business for nearly 50 years. Designed for adults and children, the four wheel Surrey bike provides families and other sightseers with the ability to leisurely enjoy any park, boulevard, beach or lake front.

At home, a Surrey cycle is perfect for families to enjoy their neighborhood, local city park and other areas suitable for bike riding.  Now with the optional exclusive, electric pedal-assist, Hitch CertifiedHiker and Easy 7 Speed Gearing Package, the 4 wheel Surrey bike is a transportation alternative to school and the neighborhood grocery store.

The Surrey Deluxe™ is the latest in a long evolution of four wheel, Surrey bikes and is widely recognized as the industry leader among professionals in the Surrey bicycle industry. 

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 The Surrey Deluxe™, a superior, stronger Surrey bike

The Surrey Deluxe™ is the result of decades of rental experience.  Our “real world” experience renting Surrey bikes was our laboratory, teaching us what does and does not work. Strategically placed gussets and additional reinforcements make the Surrey Deluxe™ a superior, stronger Surrey bike.

The Surrey Deluxe™ features many unique designs and options not offered on any other Surrey Bike

The Surrey Deluxe™ offers many unique features such as our patented dual handle bar child seat, gearing and electric pedal assist options, “wide track” stability and advantageous pedal placement among many others.  Any one or two of these features taken alone would be fantastic.  However, when you add them all up, the Surrey Deluxe™ has no equal in the Surrey bike industry.

The Surrey Deluxe™ comes standard with aluminum alloy rims and heavy gauge stainless steel spokes and our single speed, Italian style, sealed bearing hubs with drum brakes.   This Surrey bike can be ordered with the optional Easy 7 Speed Gearing System, an exclusive option for this model, or the optional aluminum alloy mag wheels.

Standard equipment of the Deluxe model Surrey bike includes…

  • Heaviest Gauge Stainless Steel Spokes in the Industry
  • DOT Approved Aluminum Alloy Motorcyle Rims
  • Stainless Steel Hardware (nuts, bolts and washers)
  • Sunbrella Grade Marine Cloth Awning (fade and mildew resistant)
  • Stainless Steel Fenders and Panels
  • Foam Injected Molded Ergonomic Seats for the Adults
  • Tiger Drylac 49 Series Powder Coating
  • All Sealed Bearing Bottom Brackets and Hubs
  • Heavy Duty Z Rated Nickle Plated KMC Chain
  • All Traditional, Right-Hand Thread Drive Train Components
  • Rack & Pinion Steering
  • Dual Rear Alloy Hubs with Drum Brakes
  • The Largest Selection of Surrey Bike Accessories Anywhere!

A Surrey Bike for homes and businesses alike with even more customizations and options available

In addition to the unparallelled design of the Surrey Deluxe™, this Surrey bike offers many accessories, options and customization opportunities.  You have a chance to really make your Surrey bike your own.  Custom colors, decals and signs are available at additional costs.  International Surrey Company has created designs to promote both small and big companies, not mention family and nicknames.

When ordering your Deluxe model Surrey bike, take a look at all the options and accessories.  Adding items like LED battery powered head lamps, LED pedals, a stereo speaker for your digital music device, Surrey bike storage basket and others really makes your Surrey cycle suited exactly for you.  You are able to purchase each accessory you want or pick one of our Accessory Value Packages that bundles the most popular options and offer a nice discount.

The Surrey Deluxe™ is the only Surrey bike available with the Electric Pedal Assist Hitch Hiker and Easy 7 Speed Gearing

The Easy 7 Speed Gearing Package offers a great advantage in cycling.  Whether the physical condition of the rides require it or the cycling conditions, such as windy conditions or hilly terrain, the Easy 7 Speed Gearing Package offers a range of 7 gears to accommodate both long and short excursion.  The single speed standard gearing is approximately 4th gear on the Easy 7 Speed system.  Therefore, the Easy 7 Speed System gives the Surrey Deluxe models 3 easier, lower gears and 3 higher, more advantageous gears enabling you to pedal more slowly and maintain a higher speed.  The Easy 7 Speed system is not available for triple bench, six pedaler “Stretch Limousine” model.

The 2 pedaler or 4 pedaler Surrey Deluxe™ bike is available with the optional Hitch Hiker. Both systems work independently of each other.

7 speed advantage

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If you are buying a Deluxe model Surrey bike for personal, residential use, do not forget to take a look at the Fringe to Tires extended warranty!

To look at the Fringe to Tire Warranty, Surrey Accessories, 7 Speed Gearing Option or Electric Pedal Assist Option, just click the icons below.

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Surrey Deluxe (2 pedaler model) 3 adults and 2 children

Length 75 inches, Height 72 inches, Width 48 inches — 165 lbs^

4 wheel 2 person surrey cycle

Single Speed – $2,495

Single Speed

Dual 7 Speed – $3,190

7 Speed

Surrey Limousine Deluxe (4 pedaler model) 6 adults and 2 children

Length 102 inches, Height 72 inches, Width 48 inches — 205 lbs^

Limo Sale

Single Speed – $3,995

Single Speed

Dual 7 Speed – $4,690

7 Speed

Surrey Stretch Limousine Deluxe (6 pedaler model) 9 adults and 2 children


Length 133 inches, Height 72 inches, Width 48 inches — 255 lbs^

Stretch Sale

 Single Speed – $4,995

Single Speed


* All photos, descriptions, weights and dimensions are for illustrative purposes only.  Actual product design and specifications change over time.

^ All dimensions and weights are approximate and depend on how the Surrey is accessorized.4 wheel surrey bike