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The Surrey Company recognizes a reliable replacement part supply is essential

How to find a Surrey replacement part –


You must identify the make and model of your Surrey.  Was the Surrey made in the United States? Italy? China?  Are there identifying decals of any type on your Surrey?  The company name or name of the model will help determine what you own.  This information is essential in determining whether we have the replacement part you need in stock.  While many parts are interchangeable among all makes of Surreys (for example, most tires and inner tubes), in many instances parts are not interchangeable (for example brake cables).

Please note, you cannot rely on the mere appearance of the Surrey bike.  A lay person can easily confuse makes and models.  If you do not have identifying decals or marks, take photos of your Surrey and email or text them to us.  We have well over 100 years of Surrey experience in our company.  We can tell you what you have and whether we can help.  Give us a call.  We can provide you with an email address or text line to supply the photos.


Identify the part that you require.  You should be able to identify the part you require on one of the two replacement part manuals available by clicking the manual icons below.  If you cannot identify the part in the manuals, supply us a photo of the part, and we will try to help.


Some basic replacement parts such as tires and tubes are available on our website and can be ordered online.

Click here to see if your required part is available online: Surrey Replacement Parts Online


If your required part is not available online, give us a call (1.800.765.7370) or email us with the  part number and the quantity of each part you require.  We will promptly quote a price.


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