4 wheel surrey bike


What is a Surrey?  A Surrey is a four wheel bike, either a 2 person, 4 person or 6 person surrey bike, enjoyed by couples and families worldwide.  The name “Surrey” is a generic term describing both pedal powered four (4) wheel quadracycles vehicles and horse drawn carriages.  However, not all four (4) wheel, pedal powered quadricycles (“Surreys”) are created equally.  Since 2005, cheaply made imitations have come on to the market that might look the same at first glance, but details matter.  Review our Products page to learn why International Surrey Company’s Surrey Deluxe and Surrey Limousine Deluxe are widely recognized  in the bicycle industry as the finest products on the market.

Do you offer an electric Surrey bike? YES! A realistic, efficient electric assist Surrey cycle was a long time coming, but the industry leader, International Surrey Company, has delivered a new patented design that is truly amazing. The Hitch Hiker is an electric assist system for any Surrey bike, regardless of the manufacturer, make or model. With a fifth wheel that attaches simply to your Surrey and easily engages and disengages the riding surface, the Hitch Hiker propels a single bench Surrey up to 25 miles* and a double bench Surrey up to 15 miles* between recharges. Weighing about the same as an average 8 year old child, the Hitch Hiker utilizes a light-weight lithium ion battery and foot throttle to propel your Surrey an average of 10 miles per hour*. The Hitch Hiker does not sacrifice the original safe design of the Surrey like other systems. Your Surrey maintains its heavy gauge rear axles, heavy gauge spokes and rear drum / roller brakes with the Hitch Hiker onboard. Hitch Hikers are available on a limited basis in 2013. Pick up your Hitch Hiker today!

Do you “nickel and dime” the buyer for packing, delivery and liftgate charges? No.  Our freight fee is a flat fee.  We do not increase the cost of our products to the customer by backdooring extra charges.  That practice is deceptive and unfair to the buyer.

What are the dimensions and weight of the 2 person, four wheel bike (the Surrey Deluxe)? (all information may change without notice)
42 inches wide
71 inches tall
75 inches long
180 pounds

What are the dimensions and weight of the 4 person, four wheel bike (the Surrey Limousine Deluxe)? (all information may change without notice)
42 inches wide
71 inches tall
102 inches long
230 pounds

How are the Surrey bikes shipped?


Surrey Deluxes and Surrey Limousine Deluxes are shipped approximately 20% assembled via commercial carrier in wooden and cardboard crates. The crates measure as follows:

  • Surrey Deluxe 42” wide, 18” tall and 60” long
  • Surrey Limousine Deluxe 42” wide, 18” tall and 90” long


Fully assembled Surrey bikes are offered for an additional expense based on shipping cost to the buyer’s zip code.

What colors are available for the 2 person and 4 person, four wheel bike?
We stock red, blue and green, but we do custom paint for an extra charge.

How many people pedal the 2 person, 4 wheel Surrey bicycle (the Surrey Deluxe)?
As few as one and as many as two.

How many people pedal the 4 person, 4 wheel Surrey bicycle (the Surrey Limousine Deluxe)?
As few as one and as many as four.

Can an individual buyer purchase a Surrey bicycle from International Surrey Company?
Yes, we offer all inquiries the same current wholesale price.

What are the options for the four wheel Surrey bikes?

We offer the largest selection of Surrey Accessories in the industry

  • Battery Powered LED Front Headlamp
  • Dual Dash Drinkholders (exclusive to The Surrey Company)
  • Single Drink Holders
  • Surrey Company Bell
  • Surrey Company Bugle Horn
  • Side-view Mirrors
  • Premium Side-view Mirrors
  • Dual Steering Wheels
  • Safety Flags
  • Rechargeable Speakers for digital music
  • Storage Baskets
  • Easy 7 Speed Gearing Package
  • Electric pedal assist Hitch Hiker
  • And many, many more…  

How many gears does the 4 wheel Surrey bicycle have?
All models come standard with single-speed gearing.  However, we offer the first and only 7 Speed gearing system for Surrey bikes in the world.  We have a 15 year history with our gearing package in a rental setting.  It is the first and finest design available.

What sets the Surrey Company’s 2 person and 4 person, 4 wheel Surrey bike apart from the imitations on the market?

  • International Surrey Company Ltd. is recognized in the bicycle industry as the leader in our market.  We are THE Surrey Company and everyone else isn’t.
  • Our “Wide Track” design offers the widest front wheel base in the industry that provides a safer more stable ride
  • Quality, colorful awning cloth that resists mildew and fading
  • First in the industry fully padded bench childseat with safety straps and individual handle bars (patent pending)
  • First in the industry aluminum alloy wheels with the heaviest gauge stainless steel spokes in the industry
  • The widest frame color selection in the industry
  • Unique Dual Handlebar Child Seat (patented)
  • Aluminum alloy cranks on ALL models
  • Free uniquely formulated touch-up paint
  • Fully integrated accessories
  • The best designed frames in the industry that maximize strength and minimize weight
  • The easiest pedaling Surrey bikes in the world
  • Stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers
  • Nickel plated industrial grade chain
  • Over four decades of experience as a Surrey rental, import, distributor and manufacturer.
  • Check out our Products menu for even more detail on why we lead the industry

* Electric assist performance depends on the make and model of the Surrey, the number and size of the riders and the riding conditions. Distances of 50+ miles are achievable with larger, special order batteries.