Easy 7 Speed Surrey Bike Gears

Surrey bike gears for the Surrey Deluxe Surrey bike four wheel bicycle

The 7 Speed Hub is completely internal

7 Speed Surrey Bike Gears

The Easy 7 Speed Gearing Package is Surrey bike gears that utilizes a low-maintenance internally geared hub that does not require a derailer or multiple rear sprockets. The gearing package also includes a specially engineered large axle so the rear wheel does not lose any strength compared to the single speed.

The Easy 7 Speed Shimano Gearing Package (optional for Deluxe models only) takes the Surrey bike riding experience to a new level.  The package was designed by International Surrey Company exclusively for its Surrey bike.  The package is available for either the driver side or both the driver and passenger side of the Surrey Deluxe™.   On the larger Surrey Limousine Deluxe, only the dual Surrey bike gears are available.  Specially engineered rear sprockets are included to enable riders to meet the challenge of any riding conditions.  The Easy 7 Speed Shimano Gearing Package is a must on your new Surrey bike.

The standard single speed gearing is mechanically similar to approximately 4th gear of the 7 speed system.  Therefore, the Surrey bike gears provide 3 lower, easier gears for inclines and windy conditions and 3 higher, more advantageous gears to maintain speed without pedaling a high number of revolutions per minute.  Meaning, the pedalers will not work so hard.

The short video below demonstrates some of the capabilities of the Easy 7 Speed Gearing system.  A single pedaler climbing the incline of a loading dock from a dead stop.  This would not be possible for the vast majority of people if the Surrey was equipped with only a single speed system.

It’s 7 speeds of fun!

7 speed advantage

The Easy 7 Speed Gearing Package can be purchased with a new Surrey Deluxe or Surrey Limousine Deluxe.  Just add it to your cart at check out, or call us for ordering details at 1.800.765.7370.

* All photos, descriptions, weights and dimensions are for illustrative purposes only.  Actual product design and specifications change over time.

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